A Healthier 2010

First Annual Bay Area Wellness Festival

to Kick off the Coming Year

January 20th, 7:00 PM
Doors open 6:30PM

We suggest that you come early

Cubberley Community Theater
4000 Middlefield Road in Palo Alto

At 7 PM
Introduction of Various Bay Area Wellness
Groups and their Outlook for 2010

Smartlife Forum (program director: Mike Korek)
The Table of Life (coordinator: Michael Coulter)
SBay Raw Food Meetup (organizer: Hemant)
The Wellness Cuisine Chef Community (founder: Anna Coulter)
The EastBay Eco Health Network (organizer: April Shabazz)
Health Medicine Forum (contact: Joni Sare)
Lifestyle and Nutrition for Health and Vitality (organizer: Daniel Auer)
Natural Health Options & Services (organizer: Salina Munoz represented by Dr Julie Mink)
Raw Wellness Cyber Connection (organizer: Dan Popovici)
Ecopolitan Network (founder: Dr. T)

At 8 PM
New Perspectives: A Dynamic Lecture-Discussion
with Prof Adiel Tel-Oren

How Do We Maximize Our Potential For Health and Longevity?
How Do We Become Productive and Energetic?
How Do We Improve Our Brain Function and Mental Outlook?
How Do We Prevent Degenerative and Chronic Diseases including
Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Neurological Disorders and Autoimmune Diseases?

Dr. T (www.ecopolitan.com/doctor-t) will speak about Spontaneous Healing & Spontaneous Wellness. He will explain how we can become “good consumers” of the health care industry, and why this is often neglected by people, who are usually very savvy consumers of typical manufactured products, despite the fact that “good consumption” of health services is far more important for our future well-being and happiness. Dr. T will emphasize how it is OUR responsibility to stay healthy, instead of giving away this responsibility to disease-oriented doctors and to the insurance industry. Only with awareness, sharing of knowledge, and appropriate action can we reclaim our health as a society and as individuals!

At 9:45 PM
Post-Lecture Party with Raw Fingerfood Snacks

Please bring a healthy organic raw snack to share


$10 donation at the door

You will also receive an EcoMetro Guide for 2010, which retails for $20.
This guide is 218 pages that includes 100’s of great coupons for organic food, yoga, fitness,
green building products, outdoor gear, museums & theaters, as well as maps and 40 pages of resources for living green,

It will be a gift for coming to the event. How does it get better than this?

Carpooling is recommended
Volunteers are welcomed
Time to network at the post-lecture party

Event organizer: Anna Coulter
Moderator: Salina Munoz

About Dr. T
He is an Israeli doctor from Minneapolis on the forefront of a healthy approach to nutrition and medicine. He is not just a great doctor, he also owns the Ecopolitan Raw Food Restaurant in Minneapolis. He works tirelessly with people around the globe to make a difference through the Ecopolitan network. We are excited to have him as our guest speaker.

Dr T is in the Bay Area for 5 days. If you are interested in more events, getting a natural skin blemish treatment or other appointment, please contact Anna through www.AnnaCoulter.com.

His credentials are the following:
Prof. Adiel Tel-Oren, MD (Europe), CCN, DACBN, LN, DC(ret), DABFM, DABOM, FABDA. Practice Focus: Nutritional, Environmental, & Functional Medicine. President & Founder, Ecopolitan Eco-Health Network, www.ecopolitan.com. President Emeritus & Professor of Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Univ. of Natural Medicine. Founder, international Functional & Dental Health (FDH) Foundation. Co-Founder, CCODER Nepal’s Health Plan (CCODER.org), caring for 200,000 villagers. Professor & Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist with the IAACN & CNCB. Board Certified, American Clinical Board of Nutrition; Am. Board of Functional Med; Am. Board of Oxidative Med; Am. Board of Chelation Ther(c); Fellow, Am. Board of Disability Analysts.